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Member of Agence VU'

Maia was born in 1988 in France. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

My visual language uses photography and collages as primary mediums where I am physically involved in my experimentations. I explore the timeless space of a surreal world where the narrative of this single red hair character plays with her desires and anxiety with intelligence and humor. The body is falling and flying in « Sleep Elevations » or appearing and disappearing in « Big Head Poetry » and suggest a possible path to enchantment. A few years of constant travel fulfilled my curiosity about how we accept time and space if the limit is the horizon. To investigate those lifetime questions, I create a visual intimacy with the landscapes by finding in nature the connection to the reliefs of our human body. My working process slightly changed over the years by performing more than using digital manipulation. Carefully choreographed, the intervention transforms the human presence into a sort of calligraphy, the body like a brushstroke paints the passage of the constant change. Often veiled, hidden, or turning away, the faceless representations draw space for the viewer to turn into their sensations.